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Dr. Allyson Tessin
Allie is an assistant professor at Kent State University. She completed her bachelors degrees at the University of Pittsburgh and her M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. Allie studies the seafloor and the impact that it has on modern biogeochemical cycling and how it acts as an archive of past oceanographic and climate change.

Follow her on Twitter @allyson_tessin

National Geographic Profile

Tatiana Fernandez Perez

Tatiana (she/her) is a Masters student at Kent State University. She completed her bachelors’ degrees from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Her research interests broadly include geochemistry and paleoclimate. In her free time, she is into art, reading and videogames.

Tati's research focuses on nutrient drivers of organic carbon-rich marine sediment deposition. She recently sailed on IODP Exp 398. Click here to find out more about the expedition! 

You can find her on twitter @tatzfernandez


Rachael Gray

Rachael is a Ph.D. student In Applied Geology.  She holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology from the Ohio State University and has previously worked as a shipboard research technician and science teacher.  Rachael’s research is focused on the geochemistry of the Arctic Ocean; she is also interested in science education.

In summer 2023, Rachael will sail on IODP Exp 400. Click here to find out more!

Clare Helmer

Clare  is a masters student in the Department of Geology. She completed her bachelors degree at Baldwin Wallace University. She is passionate about Lake Erie, oceanography, geology, and invertebrates and discovering how they are all interconnected.  She has done undergraduate research on soils, geomorphology, biodiversity studies, and invertebrates.  She loves gardening, hiking, hanging out with friends, collecting insects, and playing with her dogs.  She can’t wait to see all of the great work we do!

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